The Imagination of the Christian College in the Age of Fake News

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João M. Monteiro


One of the markers of the present era is the emergence of the notion of "fake news" and all that it begets: aggressive disputes over what is real and true, a polarization and hardening of preferred viewpoints, and ultimately a corrosion of public trust. While the phenomenon of disinformation or misinformation is hardly new, it presents itself in this current moment with unprecedented vigor fueled by our advanced information and communication technologies, especially social media. This climate of rapid change and uncertainty poses a significant challenge for the academy and especially the Christian university, whose work and purpose are intrinsically tied to values such as objectivity, facts, and evidence, all of which appear to be under siege at the moment. This paper reflects on this challenge, and suggests that imagination aligned with a continued commitment to objectivity may offer the most viable and promising way forward. 

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