Mission and Vision:

The Journal of Sociology and Christianity is a peer-reviewed, academic publication designed to provide a forum for the latest research and commentary relative to the intersection of Christianity and society. ISSN 2572-4088

Note: This journal was originally entitled the Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society (JSIRS), up until Volume 6, Number 2 (October 2016).

Call for Papers:

The Journal of Sociology and Christianity requests submission of articles for the next issue. All articles will be blind peer-reviewed. Please see the Submission Guidelines for details.

Purposes of the Journal of Sociology and Christianity:

  1. 1. to publish original research and commentary that addresses the difficult social and cultural issues of our time;
  2. 2. to publish all types of sociological research, including scientistic, interpretive, and critical articles, as well as their applications to public and policy debates;
  3. 3. to publish the full range of theoretical perspectives and research methodologies employed by sociologists to analyse human social life;
  4. 4. to weave Christian faith and practice into its many different social and cultural settings without imposing itself;
  5. 5. to enrich understanding of the diversity of Christian faith and practice;
  6. 6. to utilize sociology as a tool for Christian ethical reflection and social engagement;
  7. 7. to expand the resources and research available to Christian leaders and practitioners as agents of service and change in their respective endeavors;
  8. 8. to stimulate ongoing dialogue among Christians who desire to integrate their faith with their scholarship about the ways and processes of doing so;
  9. 9. to provide a window for persons not of Christian faith to observe how Christians study and engage society through sociology;
  10. 10. to invite scholars not of Christian faith into dialogue by reporting on their research into the intersection of Christianity and society;
  11. 11. to inform scholars in other academic disciplines of the contributions that sociology can make to the intersection of Christian faith and learning;
  12. 12. to serve as both a priestly voice for and a prophetic voice to the Christian community.


Institutional Sponsor: Omega Graduate School

JSC is an extension of the purpose for which Omega Graduate School exists: to equip Christian adults to integrate religion and society in order to transform the family, church, and community worldwide.

Organizational Sponsor: Christian Sociological Association

JSC is also an extension of the purpose for which the Christian Sociological Association exists: to be a forum where Christian sociologists can explore the implications of the Christian faith for the thinking and doing of sociology, and a place to engage in personal and professional development through concentrated discussion on the integration of the sociological vocation with the Christian calling. 

Indexing and Abstracts:

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JSC articles are abstracted in Religious and Theological Abstracts, Myerstown, PA.  E-mail: [email protected] Web: http://rtabst.org

JSC is also indexed by Google Scholar (http://scholar.google.com) and EBSCOHost® (http://www.ebscohost.com)

The Journal of Sociology and Christianity is a publication of Omega Graduate School, Dayton, TN USA. (c) 2011-2022 Omega Graduate School, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  ISSN: 2572-4088