Bryce Stout Lance Wescher


This study seeks to develop an understanding of the role that training can play in the effectiveness of short-term mission trips for participants. The study is based upon a randomized control trial implemented among short-term teams coming to Chattanooga for training during the summer of 2014. It measures the particular effects of training on participants’ theoretical cognition by examining their responses to surveys administered immediately preceding and following the week-long short-term trip. The need for this study is evidenced by the lack of research on this topic, despite the continued popularity of short-term mission trips for churches.  The data set draws primarily from responses to pre-trip and post-trip surveys, and qualitative data were quantified by the researchers to implement regression analysis of the data. The primary regression method is OLS. Multiple dependent variables are evaluated, identifying the prevalence of responses associated with relational and structural elements of poverty, identification of community assets, self-identification with poverty, identification of poverty in one’s home community, and a desire to increase involvement in one’s home community.  The results of the analysis find positive and statistically significant effects of training for short-term participants on all variables except that of expressing desire to increase involvement in one’s home community. While further research in this area is necessary, we believe that this research provides a foundation for ongoing work.



service learning, cross-cultural engagement, volunteering, short-term missions, community engagement

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