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Christianity, the church, and pastors are undergoing a number of changes in the 21st century, and therefore a number of challenges. Although Christianity is growing in the global south, membership and attendance in churches in the United States are declining. What church growth there is seems to be in both smaller and larger churches, posing a different set of challenges for pastors in those respective venues. Many pastors are leaving their churches, primarily because of the perceived expectations and even demands being placed on them by their congregations. A number of new leadership initiatives are currently being offered to pastors to help them deal with this changing and challenging environment. This paper is an assessment of the first cohort in a new executive training initiative called LEADERLABS, the 10 Essential Skills Executive Leadership Program, which is built on a foundation of both biblical and social science research. A quantitative analysis of pretests and posttests suggests that the training had a substantial, and at times statistically significant, impact on the participants, with potential for this new knowledge about leadership to be integrated into staff and congregational operations. 



leadership, pastors, 10ES ELP LEADERLABS

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