Steve Grusendorf Yamil Acevedo


Church growth strategies have long been employed throughout the United States. However, are general approaches for church growth and vitality applicable for all churches no matter their ethnic and cultural makeup, or should churches utilize unique strategies tailored to the ethnicities and cultures represented within their churches? This research investigated the distinctive factors that contribute to the thriving nature of Hispanic churches within the Christian and Missionary Alliance, an evangelical denomination within the U.S. Six key factors emerged that provide valuable information for current and future church growth strategies concerning the unique cultural factors present within these Hispanic churches. This research challenges the notion that church growth and vitality strategies can be one size fits all in their methodology. Instead, a more targeted approach may be more appropriate, one which gives serious consideration to the ethnic and cultural makeup and identity of the local church.



Church health, Church growth, Hispanic studies, denominationalism, distributive leadership, Church planting

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