Mission, Vision, and History:

The Journal of Sociology and Christianity (ISSN 2572-4088) is a peer-reviewed, academic publication designed to provide a forum for the latest research and commentary relative to the intersection of Christianity and society. Founded in 2011 and published bi-annually, it was originally entitled the Journal or the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society (JSIRS) until Volume 6, Number 2 (October 2016).

Call for Papers:

The Journal of Sociology and Christianity invites submission of articles for the next issue. All articles will be anonymously peer-reviewed. Please see the Submission Guidelines for details.

The 45th annual meeting of the Christian Sociological Association,

together with the Christian Anthropological Association,

 will be held at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA

June 27 - 30, 2024.  Abstracts of papers and presentations should be submitted by May 15

to Timothy Epp, Program Chair at [email protected]

Conference Theme:

“Taking Sociology and Anthropology to the Public Square”

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Purposes of the Journal:

  1. 1. to publish original research and commentary that addresses the difficult social and cultural issues of our time;
  2. 2. to publish all types of sociological research, including scientistic, interpretive, and critical articles, as well as their applications to public and policy debates;
  3. 3. to publish the full range of theoretical perspectives and research methodologies employed by sociologists to analyse human social life;
  4. 4. to weave Christian faith and practice into its many different social and cultural settings without imposing itself;
  5. 5. to enrich understanding of the diversity of Christian faith and practice;
  6. 6. to utilize sociology as a tool for Christian ethical reflection and social engagement;
  7. 7. to expand the resources and research available to Christian leaders and practitioners as agents of service and change in their respective endeavors;
  8. 8. to stimulate ongoing dialogue among Christians who desire to integrate their faith with their scholarship about the ways and processes of doing so;
  9. 9. to provide a window for persons not of Christian faith to observe how Christians study and engage society through sociology;
  10. 10. to invite scholars not of Christian faith into dialogue by reporting on their research into the intersection of Christianity and society;
  11. 11. to inform scholars in other academic disciplines of the contributions that sociology can make to the intersection of Christian faith and learning;
  12. 12. to serve as both a priestly voice for and a prophetic voice to the Christian community.

The Journal of Sociology and Christianity is a publication of Omega Graduate School, Dayton, TN USA. (c) 2011-2023 Omega Graduate School, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  ISSN: 2572-4088